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Film Crew Reports About Ywama Power Plant on the "Power Tour Myanmar"

Mannheim, January 22, 2015

The 52 megawatt (MW) power plant at the Ywama location in Insein township, Yangon, Myanmar, officially began operation in early 2014, and has since been feeding power into the national grid. Around US$46.5 million were invested in the turnkey Ywama power plant delivered by Caterpillar Energy Solutions (CES) in collaboration with the local Caterpillar subsidiary Myan Shwe Pyi Tractors Limited (MSP CAT). The aim of this vital energy project in Myanmar is to cover the significant increase in power requirements of the growing industrial and residential areas of Myanmar.

Ywama power plant with 13 gas engines

Ywama power plant with 13 gas engines

13 gas engines for power generation

The power plant utilizes 13 Cat® CG260-16 gas engines (power generators). CES delivered all the equipment for the complete electric and mechanical subsystems, and was responsible for the project management and the commissioning of the power plant. MSP CAT carried out the installation and construction work for the transformers, cables, electrical substations, energy supply, lighting, and fire control systems. A long-term operating and maintenance contract between the client, UPP Power (Myanmar) Ltd., and MSP CAT will guarantee operational success. UPP Power (Myanmar) Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of UPP Holdings Ltd. listed on the Singapore stock exchange, supplies electricity to Myanmar Electric Power Enterprise (MEPE) within the scope of its 30-year contract.

Power Tour Myanmar

A four-strong film crew around Communications/Press and New Media Consultant Frank Fuhrmann from the Mannheim facility will be on their way to Yangon, Myanmar, via Bangkok from Frankfurt Main International Airport on February 4 to report about this exceptional project live from the new gas-fired Ywama power plant. The team will report about the power plant, its technical and physical framework conditions, the electrical and mechanical systems, and of course also about the country and its people.

The “making-of" on Facebook

The documentary will serve as a case study for publication as part of company communications and online marketing efforts. A dedicated Facebook channel will report on the work of the film crew on site. This will allow all stakeholders and fans of Gas Energy Solutions to stay informed about the set, the shooting, and all other activities around the making of the film.

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