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NEW Cat CG132B Gas Engine and Digital Power Plant Control TPEM:
Perfect Combination for Maximum Efficiency

With its Cat CG132B series, Caterpillar Energy Solutions has introduced a new generation of gas engines to the market which, in combination with the fully digitized Total Plant & Energy Management (TPEM), ensure maximum efficiency and availability of CHP plants. Thanks to TPEM, the Cat CG132B power genset is perfectly designed for the challenges of eco-friendly energy solutions in the digital age of Industry 4.0.

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Power Tour Myanmar

Caterpillar Energy Solutions installed a gas-fired power plant in Myanmar in 2014, which provides the region around the industrial center Yangon with electricity. The Cat power plant satisfies the demand for reliable power supply and generates a minimum output at 80% of 50 MW by running 13 CG260 gas generator sets. This helps to prevent daily power outages in the country. Maintenance and management of the Cat power plant is provided by the local Cat Dealer MSP Cat including a 30-year operating agreement.

Download Myanmar Video

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Cat Modular Power Plant

Caterpillar delivers medium speed natural gas power plants in 4 to 5 MW building blocks with combined heat and power options. Cat Modular Power Plants are delivered quickly with construction in as few as 12 days.

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Languages: EN | ES | RU | CN