Revolutionizing Distributed Energy Generation with Cat® and MWM

Continuous Innovation and 150 years of experience are what make Caterpillar Energy Solution the ideal partner for ecologically advanced distributed energy solutions

Caterpillar Energy Solutions represents the product brands Cat and MWM. Both brands stand for highly efficient, powerful gas engines and distributed energy generation plants. Caterpillar supports its customers around the globe in rolling out power plant projects. The MWM brand is a legacy of the automobile pioneer Carl Benz, who founded the “Mechanische Werkstätten Mannheim” back in 1871. Apart from innovative, progressive energy solutions, the customers of Caterpillar Energy Solutions rely on 150 years of experience. With its combination of reliability, innovative drive, and experience in the development of gas engines and power gensets for natural gas, biogas, and other special gases, Caterpillar Energy Solutions is a market leader in the field of advanced distributed energy solutions.


Cat gas engines and cogeneration systems for use in demanding conditions.



MWM gas engines for cogeneration power (CHP) plants.