Distributed Power Supply

Efficient solutions for distributed power generation

Caterpillar Energy Solutions is an expert in the field of distributed power generation through various solutions adapted to each individual customer.

The portfolio of Caterpillar Energy Solutions ranges from gas engines and generator sets, through custom power plant systems and comprehensive plant engineering, right down to complete system configurations and turnkey plants. Through competent consulting and service, we develop cogeneration power plants and power plant concepts that cover the entire value creation chain for distributed power generation.

Our location-independent CHP compact modules from MWM are very flexible, fulfill sophisticated customer requirements and are delivered as complete turnkey systems. After a short installation period, they provide eco-friendly electricity and heat for a wide range of applications, e.g. in infrastructure projects, industrial plants, greenhouses, landfills, sewage plants, in the oil and gas industry or in IPP projects.

We rely on several mainstays when it comes to distributed power generation:

  • Distributed power plants & power plant systems
  • Cogeneration power plants
  • Combined heat and power plants (CHP)
  • Mobile gas-fired power plants and containerized cogeneration plants