Inventor and Pioneer in the Field of Engine Technology: Caterpillar Energy Solutions Pays Homage to Achievements of Engineer Prosper

Mannheim, 12.08.21

Caterpillar Energy Solutions has paid homage to the inventor and engineer Proper L'Orange with a commemorative plaque in front of Mannheim Palace. In the early 20th century, L'Orange had revolutionized the diesel engine with his innovative drive.

Caterpillar Energy Solutions Product Brand MWM Presents New Cylinder Variants V12 and V16 of High-Performance Genset TCG 3020

Mannheim, 01.07.21

The TCG 3020 gas engines of the Caterpillar Energy Solutions product brand MWM are now also available as V12 and V16. Thanks to the compact design, the new gas engine variants offer up to 18 percent more performance than the predecessors, though their dimensions are almost identical.

Protection Against COVID-19: Caterpillar Energy Solutions Offers Vaccinations for Employees in Mannheim

Mannheim, 18.06.21

Since the beginning of June, Caterpillar Energy Solutions has been offering its employees at Mannheim a voluntary vaccination as a protection against the coronavirus. The offer is met with great interest, more than 200 employees have already been vaccinated.

Relaunch of the MWM Brand Website: MWM Gas Engines, Products and Services Combined in an Expressive and Fresh Design

Mannheim, 15.06.21

The relaunched website of Caterpillar Energy Solution's product brand MWM appears in a new look. The graphical modifications and technical fine-tuning of the online presence have been implemented as part of the of the 150th anniversary of the brand.

DLG Survey: Caterpillar Energy Solutions Product Brand MWM Designated One of Top 10 Companies in “Renewable Energies” Category

Mannheim, 22.04.21

The German Agricultural Society (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft – DLG) regularly evaluates the Top 10 companies of various industries by calculating the brand index. In 2020, MWM directly landed on place 9 in the "Renewable Energies" category in the DLG ImageBarometer.

150 Years Caterpillar Energy Solutions Product Brand MWM: Signet and Key Visual to Celebrate the Great Brand Anniversary

Mannheim, 24.03.21

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of its product brand MWM, Caterpillar Energy Solutions presents a signet and a key visual designed especially for the anniversary year 2021.

Caterpillar Energy Solutions Again Supports Pediatric Oncology Research in 2021

Mannheim, 09.02.21

For many years, Caterpillar Energy Solutions has been supporting the Pediatric Oncology unit of the Universal Medical Center Mannheim with annual donations. This year, too, the company donated €15,000, which will be used for pediatric cancer research.

Innovation and Impact: Caterpillar Energy Solutions Product Brand MWM Celebrates 150th Anniversary

Mannheim, 01.02.21

This year, the product brand MWM of Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH celebrates its 150th anniversary. Over several generations, the traditional brand has effectively adapted to the rising requirements of the energy market and has delivered key innovations in the field of distributed energy generation with gas engines.

Caterpillar Energy Solutions Website Relaunch with Upgraded Information Offering in Line with Digitization and Online Strategy

Mannheim, 14.01.21

The relaunched Caterpillar Energy Solutions website dons a clear, modern design. The website now features even more information on career opportunities, services, and training offerings.

Caterpillar Energy Solutions Proud of it’s Developments, Innovations, and Awards of 2020

Mannheim, 22.12.20

For Caterpillar Energy Solutions, the year 2020 was marked by the expansion of digital and traditional communication channels, various awards, and innovations for smart, sustainable energy generation.