Caterpillar Energy Solutions Awarded the Quality Seal “Germany’s best employers for employee development” in Engineering Category

Mannheim, 23.03.23

In the ServiceValue survey of Germany's best employers for employee development, Caterpillar Energy Solutions received a high rating in the engineering category. With a total score of 2.59, the employee development of Caterpillar Energy Solutions gained "high approval" from the survey participants.

Caterpillar Energy Solutions Donates €15,000 to Pediatric Oncology Unit of University Medical Center Mannheim

Mannheim, 13.02.23

At the turn of the year, Caterpillar Energy Solutions again supported the Pediatric Oncology unit of the University Medical Center Mannheim with a donation.

Caterpillar Energy Solutions Translates Online Tool to Facilitate Access to Labor Market for Ukrainian Refugees

Mannheim, 03.02.23

Caterpillar Energy Solutions has translated the online tool AiKomPass into Ukrainian in order to make it easier for refugees from Ukraine to enter the labor market and the metal and electrical industry.

Caterpillar Energy Solutions Apprentices Surprise Children’s Homes in Mannheim with Christmas Gifts

Mannheim, 23.01.23

To lift the spirits of the children at two children's homes in Mannheim, two Caterpillar Energy Solutions apprentices handed over the gifts of the internal "Wish Tree" campaign in December.

Review of 2022 at Caterpillar Energy Solutions: New Technologies, Awards, and Start of the 100th Brand Anniversary of MWM

Mannheim, 22.12.22

In 2022, Caterpillar Energy Solutions successfully rolled out various projects and won awards. With its product brand MWM, Caterpillar Energy Solutions qualified as one of the "Top Traditional Companies" in the engineering category and won the intermedia-globe Silver award for the video production "150 Years of Continuous Innovation".

FOCUS-MONEY Survey 2022: Caterpillar Energy Solutions Again Named “Top Traditional Company” in Engineering Category

Mannheim, 08.12.22

In the FOCUS MONEY survey 2022 of Germany's most outstanding traditional companies, Caterpillar Energy Solutions was chosen as one of the "Top" traditional companies in the engineering category.

12th Annual CHP Convention in Würzburg: Caterpillar Energy Solutions to Provide Information on Sustainable Energy Generation with Gas Engines under the MWM Brand

Mannheim, 07.11.22

The energy transition will be the main theme of the Annual CHP Convention and CHP Industry Meeting 2022. Caterpillar Energy Solutions will participate as an exhibitor, showcasing the gas engines, cogeneration power plants, and other products of the MWM brand at its own booth.

From Lorsch to the World: Caterpillar Energy Solutions Logistics Center Delivers More than two Million MWM Spare Parts for Gas Engines

Mannheim, 09.08.22

The logistics center of Caterpillar Energy Solutions in Lorsch, Germany, coordinates the delivery of spare parts for MWM and Cat gas engines. Thanks to the speedy and global shipment, operators of gas power plants and CHP plants benefit from efficient service and short downtimes.

Expanded Training Offer: Apply Now for an Apprenticeship in Office Management at Caterpillar Energy Solutions

Mannheim, 14.07.22

New: From the fall of 2022, Caterpillar Energy Solutions will be offering apprenticeships in office management with a focus on HR, finance, and accounting. The apprenticeships will start in September.

23rd WorldMediaFestival: Caterpillar Energy Solutions Wins intermedia-globe Silver Award

Mannheim, 11.07.22

The Caterpillar Energy Solutions video production "150 years of continuous innovation" has won the intermedia-globe Silver award of the 23rd WorldMediaFestival. The video had been developed and produced last year in collaboration with the event and film agency Motionplan on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the MWM brand.