Caterpillar Energy Solutions Again Supports Pediatric Oncology Research in 2021

Mannheim, 09.02.21

For many years, Caterpillar Energy Solutions has been supporting the Pediatric Oncology unit of the Universal Medical Center Mannheim with annual donations. This year, too, the company donated €15,000, which will be used for pediatric cancer research.

Innovation and Impact: Caterpillar Energy Solutions Product Brand MWM Celebrates 150th Anniversary

Mannheim, 01.02.21

This year, the product brand MWM of Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH celebrates its 150th anniversary. Over several generations, the traditional brand has effectively adapted to the rising requirements of the energy market and has delivered key innovations in the field of distributed energy generation with gas engines.

Caterpillar Energy Solutions Website Relaunch with Upgraded Information Offering in Line with Digitization and Online Strategy

Mannheim, 14.01.21

The relaunched Caterpillar Energy Solutions website dons a clear, modern design. The website now features even more information on career opportunities, services, and training offerings.

Caterpillar Energy Solutions Proud of it’s Developments, Innovations, and Awards of 2020

Mannheim, 22.12.20

For Caterpillar Energy Solutions, the year 2020 was marked by the expansion of digital and traditional communication channels, various awards, and innovations for smart, sustainable energy generation.

“Focus-Money” Ranking Survey 2020: Caterpillar Energy Solutions again Labeled “Top Traditional Company” in Engineering Category

Mannheim, 21.12.20

Caterpillar Energy Solutions in Mannheim, Germany, is a company where innovation and state-of-the-art technology meet tradition and a fine corporate culture. This has again been demonstrated by the "FOCUS-MONEY" survey of Germany's foremost traditional companies. Caterpillar Energy Solutions among the companies designated as top traditional companies in the engineering category.

European Bioenergy Day: Bioenergy Is the Top Performer among Renewable Energies and a Trend-Setting Business Area for Power, Heat, Transportation, and the Achievement of Climate Goals

Mannheim, 10.12.20

On the occasion of the "Bioenergy Day, the bioenergy association draw attentions to the opportunities of the industry with respect to the adopted climate protection goals. Used for power generation, biogas releases far less carbon dioxide than fossil energy sources.

NEW: MWM Energy Blog about the Market Situation, Services, and Trends as well as the Significance of Gas Engines and Cogeneration Power Plants for the Energy Reform

Mannheim, 27.10.20

By launching its "MWM Energy Blog" under the MWM product brand, Caterpillar Energy Solution is expanding its digital information offering. In the MWM Energy Blog, MWM presents information on energy policy topics, innovations, and opportunities of distributed energy production.

Caterpillar Energy Solutions Launches Own MWM Facebook Brand Channel and LinkedIn Page for More Customer Dialog and Exciting Stories and News about MWM Gas Engines, Services, Cogeneration Power Plants

Mannheim, 10.09.20

Caterpillar Energy Solutions is further expanding its service offering by launching its own MWM brand channel in the social networks Facebook and LinkedIn. On these digital platforms, MWM provides interesting information on MWM products, the latest industry news, and fascinating background stories.

Hybrid Microgrids for Secure, Eco-Friendly, Grid-Independent Power Supply: Inexpensively Produce and Store Clean Energy with the “Microgrid” Model

Mannheim, 30.07.20

Hybrid microgrids enable reliable, inexpensive, and eco-friendly energy supply for locations that lack a reliable power supply infrastructure. Caterpillar Energy Solutions offers innovative solutions for microgrids for distributed energy generation.

Biogas as an Eco-Friendly Energy Source: Caterpillar Energy Solutions Supports Biodiversity Campaign Week of German Biogas Association

Mannheim, 23.06.20

As a member of the German Biogas Association, Caterpillar Energy Solutions promotes the nationwide campaign week for sustainable energy plant cultivation. Apart from significantly reducing the workload of farmers, wild plant fields promote biodiversity and create new habitat for insects.