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From Mannheim to the World

Join Caterpillar, the world’s leading manufacturing of construction and mining equipment, diesel and gas engines, industrial gas turbines, and diesel-electric locomotives. Your job at Caterpillar in Mannheim—one of Germany’s most tradition-rich locations, where Carl Benz once developed the automobile—can be a stepping stone into a worldwide career. Our site boasts 150 years of experience in the development and optimization of gas gensets for natural gas, biogas, and other special gases. The gensets that are manufactured in Mannheim already play a key role in the rollout of the energy reform and will continue to do so in the future.

Diversity as the Key to Success

We are convinced that cultural diversity and mutual respect form the basis for strong cohesion and the development of new ideas. Like our markets, services, and tasks, the people behind our products and services, too, are highly diverse. Our employees come from more than 28 nations, contributing their individual skills and experience within the Caterpillar Energy Solutions teams to deliver innovations. We know that to produce and promote trend-setting ideas, we need an optimum working environment and the will to continually optimize our technologies, services, and products.

To make sure that our teams are as diverse and open as possible, we advocate diversity and internationalism in order to give all people at Caterpillar Energy Solutions the opportunity to develop and introduce their own ideas. Apart from respect and team spirit, trust plays a vital role. Mutual trust and understanding are indispensable for the establishment of a working environment that encourages all individuals to express themselves. To protect the atmosphere of trust among our employees, we strongly reject all kinds of prejudice, e.g. with respect to nationality, gender, religion, and sexual orientation, and we stand behind each and every one of our employees.

One of the steps that has been taken to strengthen gender equality at Caterpillar Energy Solutions is the establishment of the employee group “Women’s Initiative Network” (WIN). Meanwhile, the WIN has more than 4,600 members and 76 local groups around the globe. With this initiative, Caterpillar makes a deliberate and systematic effort to ensure the equal promotion of female employees, helping them to qualify for executive positions in the company. The initiative encourages women to embark on a career with Caterpillar and actively drafts policies and procedures for the improved support of women who would like to start to work or continue their work at Caterpillar. The vision of WIN is to promote female employees at Caterpillar in order to equip them for their career pathway. This has a positive impact on the work-life balance and on the company’s ongoing further development.

Various innovative solution approaches are necessary in order to meet people’s needs, the growing demands of the industry, and the challenges of the climate change. For this reason, we view diversity as the key to success, as innovative ideas that deliver the technical products and systems of tomorrow can only flourish in an environment marked by diversity.

Trendsetters Wanted

Become one of Caterpillar’s trendsetters! We are looking for talents who will propel the enterprise on its way forward. We believe that our employees represent an important asset and the basis for our success. In 2020, Caterpillar Energy Solutions again was ranked “top traditional company” in the engineering category by the Focus-Money survey. For our Mannheim site and all service locations throughout Germany, we are looking for dedicated, ambitious people who are enthusiastic about our products and brands. In return, Caterpillar Energy Solutions offers an outstanding perspective for the future. We know that highly qualified people are what make us so great!

We offer you an outstanding job in one of the most forward-looking areas: energy. To join us with your creative drive, send us your application documents. Shape the future now:

Learn more about the opportunities Caterpillar Energy Solutions has to offer you on the following pages.

Learn more about the opportunities Caterpillar Energy Solutions has to offer you on the following pages.


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