Highly Efficient Gas Engines, Cogeneration Power Plants, and Complete Solutions for Distributed Energy Supply

The products of Caterpillar Energy Solutions enable the implementation of energy solutions that are tuned to your needs

Caterpillar Energy Solutions produces gas engines, power plants, and trigeneration power plants for efficient, eco-friendly energy generation. We offer holistic solutions that meet all needs. From individual gas engines and cogeneration power plants to turnkey solutions for distributed energy supply—such as containerized cogeneration power plants, CHP plants, and gas power plants—we coach and supervise our customers throughout the entire production cycle. Cat® power supply systems are designed for efficient power supply. MWM gas engines are custom-tailored to the changed requirements of the energy market and can be run with many different gas types.

Gas Engines

Gas Engines / Generator Sets

The product portfolio of Caterpillar Energy Solutions encompasses gas engines and generator sets of the MWM and Cat brands, which can be run on natural gas, biogas and hydrogenous gases.


Gas Fired Power Plants

Gas-fired power plants from Caterpillar Energy Solutions enable distributed, economical and energy-efficient power production.

Distributed Energy Supply

Distributed Power Supply

Eco-friendly cogeneration power (CHP) plants enable distributed and combined power generation.