Mannheim, December 20, 2018

Gas engine manufacturer Caterpillar Energy Solutions is pleased with its performance in the financial year 2018. Throughout the year, the company focused on the sustainable distributed energy generation and innovative development of climate-friendly alternatives to conventional combustion engines and power plants.

Milestone in Distributed Energy Supply: Caterpillar Energy Solution Presents Digital Power Plant Control

The digital power plant control TPEM (Total Plant & Energy Management) revolutionizes the efficiency and security of cogeneration power plants. In 2018, the Cat CG132B/MWM TCG 3016 series, a new generation of gas engines, conquered the market. The hardware and software solutions custom-developed by Caterpillar Energy Solutions are combined in a single system, eliminating the need for additional controls. Combined with the fully digitized power plant control TPEM, CHP plants are perfectly equipped for the growing demand for eco-friendly energy solutions in the digital age of Industry 4.0.

New Cat CG132B Gas Engine and Digital Power Plant Control TPEM

Intermedia-globe Silver Award: Caterpillar Energy Solutions Receives One of the World’s Most Prestigious Awards for Its Product Film

At the 19th WorldMediaFestival 2018 in Hamburg, Germany, Caterpillar Energy Solutions received the intermedia-globe silver award for its innovative product film about the launch of the new MWM TCG 3016 gas engine. Awards were given for outstanding productions in the fields of corporate film, TV, web, and print media. Caterpillar Energy Solutions impressed the expert jury with its innovative narration structure and sophisticated 3D animations.

19th WorldMediaFestival honored Caterpillar Energy Solutions with Intermedia-Globe Silver Award 2018

In 2018, Edina, the service and installation partner for power plants solutions of the MWM brand, received the “Queen’s Award for Enterprise” for the second time. In October 2017, Edina had already received the renowned ADE award for the installation of the largest CHP plant in a UK ice cream factory, which is powered by two MWM TCG 2020 V20 gas engines

Enabling Climate Protection: Renewable Energies Projects and Innovations

In 2018, a number of engines of CHP plants were replaced with modern gas engines for improved distributed energy generation. 

For example, Intergen, the MWM distributor for Italy, installed another cogeneration power plant with the MWM TCG 2020 gas engine at IGOR, an Italian food producer that is especially famed for its gorgonzola cheese. The key considerations for the expansion of the existing CHP plant included the aspects of energy efficiency, flexibility, security of the energy supply, and reduced emissions. 

In 2018, MWM partner SES Energysysteme installed a new cogeneration power plant for optimum trigeneration for the chocolate factory Weinrich. With its natural gas-fired MWM TCG 2016 V16 engine and an output of 800 kWel, the new cogeneration power plant enables efficient, eco-friendly power production. Thanks to the new cogeneration power plant with MWM engine and the new energy center, the chocolate manufacturer will be able to cover two thirds of its power demand from its internal production.

In order to effectively counteract the climate change and to protect environmental resources, eco-friendly alternatives to fossil fuels will become increasingly important. In the joint project “reFuels“, which was launched in 2018, Caterpillar Energy Solutions and KIT Karlsruhe research the use of climate-friendly biofuel alternatives for combustion engines. Besides the pilot plant “bioliq”, the plant array “Energy Lab 2.0” will serve the combination of various technologies for the generation and use of energy and the production of various fuel components.

Caterpillar Energy Solutions is headquartered in the historic city of Mannheim

Together with the tradition-rich MWM brand, Caterpillar Energy Solutions is headquartered in the historic city of Mannheim, one of Caterpillar’s key research locations. 

This brief review of 2018 shows that Caterpillar Energy Solutions has reason to be proud of its projects, awards, and research campaigns. In the context of Industry 4.0, the company will continue to focus on eco-friendly, innovative developments for sustainable energy generation.

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