Mannheim, July 1, 2021

The TCG 3020 gas genset series of the Caterpillar Energy Solutions product brand MWM has been supplemented with new models. To provide customers with even more performance, flexibility, and custom-tailored energy solutions with gas engines, Caterpillar has introduced a V12 and a V16-cylinder variant of the TCG 3020 series to the market. The new cylinder variants feature up to 18 percent more performance and lower oil consumption.

Improved Efficiency with High Gas Quality

The MWM TCG 3020 gas engines are designed for flexible use for various applications and gas types, such as natural gas, biogas, APG, and propane gas. Due to their compact design, the two new cylinder variants achieve up to 18 percent more performance than their predecessors, though their dimensions are almost identical. The two gas engine models deliver an output of 1,380 kWel (V12) and 1,840 kWel (V16), respectively. The electrical efficiency of these engines amounts to 45 percent for natural gas and 43.6 percent for biogas applications. Fueled with natural gas, the total efficiency of the gas engines is more than 87 percent.

MWM TCG 3020 V12 & V16
Caterpillar Energy Solutions has further expanded its portfolio of gas gensets of the MWM brand with the new TCG 3020 V12 and V16 gas engines. Thanks to their compact design, the two new cylinder variants of the all-round talent deliver an output performance increase of up to 18 percent.

In addition to their high performance, flexibility, reliability, and smart plant control, the advantages of the TCG 3020 gas engines especially include the improved profitability. Besides the low installation and operating costs, longer service intervals of up to 80,000 operating hours are possible until the next general overhaul, provided that high-quality gas is used.

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Ongoing Optimization and Further Development of Gas Engines and Power Gensets

Back in January 2019, the popular 20-cylinder variant of MWM’s TCG 3020 had been launched. The digital MWM power plant control TPEM (Total Plant & Energy Management) consolidates all engine and plant control data in a single system. The combination of the new cylinder variants and the digital power plant control enables plant operators to ensure maximum plant capacity and availability. For example, the TCG 3020 gas engines can be used for combined heat and power generation in the industry, in hospitals, or at airports as well as for the generation of power by power suppliers or in sewage treatment plants and landfills.

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