Via social media, Caterpillar provides information on energy efficiency and distributed energy supply with cogeneration plants in Mexico.

Mannheim, September 1, 2016

In July 2015, the team of “Caterpillar México – Cogeneración y Eficiencia Energética” started providing information on the advantages of cogeneration power plants for distributed energy supply, efficient and sustainable energy production with powerful gas gensets, innovations, services and technologies, market developments, and the various applications possibilities via its own social media channels on Facebook and Google+. The success has been overwhelming. “On Facebook, for example, we now have almost 400 friends who follow our posts, most of which are published at weekly intervals”, says Raquel Castellano Armas of Caterpillar Energy Solutions, Spain. She is one of the four authors of the Caterpillar Energy Solutions team, which operates in Spain, Germany, and America. The Mexican Caterpillar partners EMPIRE Rio Colorado, MATCO, MAQSA, MADISA, and TRACSA are integrated as well.

The selected reference projects from the various application areas feature images, videos, and other information and links. “In this way, prospective users can get further information in the form of white papers, economic background details, and media reports on the subjects”, adds Frank Fuhrmann, Manager PR & Online Marketing at Caterpillar Energy Solutions in Germany, who is responsible for the design and editorial plan. Especially the new category “Compact Combined Heat and Power Generation” has attracted a lot of interest. “These submissions systematically support the flow of information on the possibilities of efficient, eco-friendly, distributed energy production”, says Fuhrmann.

MWM facebook

Distributed energy supply with Caterpillar gas engines for cogeneration power plants is highly attractive for the Mexican market. Within the scope of the climate action plan under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the government has undertaken (or announced) to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 22 percent by 2030 in relation to the reference year 2013.

Caterpillar greatly appreciates the keen interest shown by readers, friends, and commentators. Stay at it – we will do so too!

Photographs: Source/rights Caterpillar Energy Solutions