Caterpillar Energy Solutions Headquarter in Mannheim

Mannheim, 18.12.2019

According to a survey conducted by “FOCUS-MONEY” in cooperation with the Cologne-based analytics institute ServiceValue GmbH, Caterpillar Energy Solutions is one of Germany’s top traditional companies. The survey of a total of 237,005 persons collected evaluations of companies that were founded more than 100 years ago and that have at least 500 employees. The analysis also examined which companies not only had a long-standing tradition, but were also able to successfully adapt to changed market, social, and environmental conditions. Apart from adaptability, the survey focused on factors such as innovation and market leadership over competitors.

The survey examined a total of 896 companies from 106 industries. With a ranking score of 2.73, Caterpillar Energy Solutions was one of the 258 companies that outperformed the overall mean of all votes. Thus, Caterpillar Energy Solutions is one of Germany’s “Top Traditional Companies” in the engineering industry.

Distributed Energy Generation with Cogeneration Power Plants a Key Success Factor for Many Award-Winning Traditional Companies

Besides Caterpillar Energy Solutions, the ranking also included a number of innovative businesses from various industries, which use cogeneration power plants for distributed energy production and on-site power supply. For example, this includes the lighting manufacturer Osram (ranking score: 2.3), the Düsseldorf University Hospital (ranking score: 2.57), Sartorius in the medical technology sector (ranking score: 2.67), and the Frischli dairy (ranking score: 2.71).

With a ranking score of 2.28, the Bitburger brewery is one of the Top Ten traditional companies. The designation as top traditional company is not the only feature the brewery shares with Caterpillar Energy Solutions. Back in 2014, the brewery commissioned a cogeneration power plant running on two MWM gas engines from Caterpillar Energy Solutions at its home location in Bitburg, Germany. The electricity generated by the MWM TCG 2020 V20 gas engines at 400 V is transformed to 20 kV and fed into the Bitburger brewery’s medium-voltage grid. Thus, 65 percent of the electricity demand on site are covered by the internal power generation. In addition to significant cost savings, the brewery is able to improve its environmental balance by saving about 8,000 t of carbon emissions a year.

Gas engines and power gensets for cogeneration power plants are available for a wide output spectrum. Thus, power plants of different sizes and output categories can be implemented for a variety of application scenarios. High-output cogeneration power plants can be deployed by district heat providers, municipal energy providers, industrial enterprises, and other large companies. Smaller cogeneration power plants can be used e.g. for the continuous secure power supply of hotels, schools, office buildings, tradesmen’s firms, or medical facilities such as hospitals and care homes.

Engines made in Mannheim

150 Years of Experience

Caterpillar Energy Solutions looks back on a history of more than 150 years, always accompanied by a spirit of innovation. The establishment of the “Mechanische Werkstätte” (Mechanical Workshop) by automobile pioneer Carl Benz in Mannheim in 1871 marked the beginning of the traditional company’s era of gas engines. With its product brands MWM and Cat, Caterpillar Energy Solutions has become one of the world’s market leaders in the field of gas engines and power gensets. Around the globe, the customers of Caterpillar Energy solutions regard the “engines made in Mannheim” as highly reliable, efficient products for distributed energy generation.

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