Mannheim, February 06, 2019

In collaboration with ServiceValue, FOCUS MONEY has identified the best traditional companies in Germany. The new study, which was published in November 2018, considers companies whose foundation dates back more than 100 years and that currently have more than 500 employees. For the study, company ratings were collected by means of population surveys, and their median values were calculated. The various categories of the study comprise many renowned German brands such as Bosch, BMW, Knorr-Bremse, Linde, Pfleiderer, and Siemens.

With a total value of 2.64, Caterpillar Energy Solutions reached the upper segment of highest-rated companies in the engineering category, thereby qualifying as “top traditional company“. In the overall ranking of the study, the engineering category received most awards. Apart from Caterpillar Energy Solutions (ranking value 2.64), a total of 26 companies made it into the ranking, including Deutz (2.59), Heidelberger Druckmaschinen (2.69), Salzgitter (2.72), and Schuler (2.78).

The study shows which companies with a long-standing tradition have best adapted to the changed market, social, and environmental conditions and have gained distinction in the market. According to the study, innovative drive is a key success factor for traditional companies.

Caterpillar Energy Solutons in Mannheim

Since 2013, the traditional company in Mannheim, Germany, which looks back on a history of almost 150 years, has been part of Caterpillar under the name Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH. Founded by automotive pioneer Carl Benz in 1871 in Mannheim under the name “Mechanische Werkstätten”, MWM remains one of the leading and most respected brands in the field of gas engines and power gensets for use in gas-fired power plants for distributed energy generation.

Since the foundation of “Mechanische Werkstätten” in Mannheim, Germany, in 1871 by Carl Benz, this production and research location has been delivering new, innovative developments. The first gas engine was already manufactured back in 1880.

The management and the entire staff of Caterpillar Energy Solutions are proud of the good rating of their company. With great passion, they continually deliver new innovative products and solutions in order to meet the challenges of the changing energy industry.

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