Mannheim, 21.09.2015

“With internal combustion engines into the future” is the title of the latest publication resulting from the work of the VDMA “Future Drives” working group. ??

The experts of the VDMA working group take an in-depth look at the requirements of drive technology for the future in the four application clusters mobile work machines, rail, shipping and stationary systems. In doing so, they consider the key issues determining which drive designs will prevail in the future for industrial applications, how the greenhouse gas CO2 can be reduced and what role the combustion engine will play in the process. The below report provides answers concerning options for assessing and opportunities for applying future drive technologies, as well as statements concerning their technological marketability. Moreover, the report is a source to identify topics for meaningful promotion of research.

Main industrial areas of application for gas engines

The focus involves main industrial areas of application for diesel and gas engines. The trends are considered separately according to the following application clusters:

  • Drive of mobile work machines
  • Drive of rail vehicles
  • Drive of ocean and inland waterway vehicles
  • Stationary systems for distributed Production of electricity and heat

In this, each of the application clusters indicates up to 14 different technologies as well as their CO2-savings potential and the assessment of their marketability into the year 2025. For the four application clusters, one technology example each is presented from the ranks of the association’s members.

Caterpillar Energy Solutions with the MWM and Cat brands demonstrates examples of how gas engines and cogeneration power plants (CHP) are deployed in various sectors and areas of application.
The publication is an initial step towards examining sustainable drive technologies and is designed as a “living document”. This is to be followed by additional practical areas of application, as well as innovations documenting how combustion engines can save CO2 by means of improvements on engines or engine components, alternative fuels or complete system optimization.

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