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Caterpillar Energy Solutions Launches Own MWM Facebook Brand Channel and LinkedIn Page for More Customer Dialog and Exciting Stories and News about MWM Gas Engines, Services, Cogeneration Power Plants

Mannheim, 10.09.2020

Caterpillar Energy Solutions is further expanding its service offering by launching its own MWM brand channel in the social networks Facebook and LinkedIn. On these digital platforms, MWM provides interesting information on MWM products, the latest industry news, and fascinating background stories.

Hybrid Microgrids for Secure, Eco-Friendly, Grid-Independent Power Supply: Inexpensively Produce and Store Clean Energy with the "Microgrid" Model

Mannheim, 30.07.2020

Hybrid microgrids enable reliable, inexpensive, and eco-friendly energy supply for locations that lack a reliable power supply infrastructure. Caterpillar Energy Solutions offers innovative solutions for microgrids for distributed energy generation.

Biogas as an Eco-Friendly Energy Source: Caterpillar Energy Solutions Supports Biodiversity Campaign Week of German Biogas Association

Mannheim, 23.06.2020

As a member of the German Biogas Association, Caterpillar Energy Solutions promotes the nationwide campaign week for sustainable energy plant cultivation. Apart from significantly reducing the workload of farmers, wild plant fields promote biodiversity and create new habitat for insects.

21st WorldMediaFestival: Caterpillar Energy Solutions Receives intermedia-globe Silver Award 2020

Mannheim, 11.05.2020

Once again, a video production of Caterpillar Energy Solutions has won a renowned international media award. The international expert jury of the WorldMediaFestival honored the first two episodes of the service tutorial video series "Do it the smart way"

Draft Law on EEG-Corona-Amendment Provides a Six-Month Extension of the Deadlines for EEG Tender Offers and Transitional Regulations

Mannheim, 04.05.2020

The coronavirus pandemic can cause interruptions in the supply chain and difficulties in the supply of biogas plants with the needed input substances.

Increasing the Profitability and Independence of Energy-Intensive Commercial and Industrial Enterprises with Internal Cogeneration Power Plants

Mannheim, 18.03.2020

By using an internal cogeneration power plant, enterprises can save fuel and improve their security of supply. The flexibilization of CHP plants enables further operational cost savings and significant reduction of carbon emissions.

Aid in the Face of Devastating Australian Bushfires: Caterpillar Foundation Donates US $ 250,000 to Australian Red Cross

Mannheim, 30.01.2020

The Caterpillar Foundation is making a donation of US $ 250,000 to the Australian Red Cross. With the aid measure, the philanthropic foundation supports the relief forces in combating the bushfires that have raged in Australia since September 2019.

War on Cancer: Caterpillar Energy Solutions Supports Research of Pediatric Oncology Unit of University Medical Center Mannheim with €15,000

Mannheim, 23.01.2020

In line with its social responsibility as a company and in view of the great importance of intensive and continuous research that is being done in the war on cancer, Caterpillar Energy Solutions (CES) has already supported the Pediatric Oncology unit of the University Medical Center Mannheim (UMM) for a number of years. At the turn of 2019, Caterpillar Energy Solutions increased the amount of its yearly donation to €15,000.

Outstanding Year for Caterpillar Energy Solutions: Top Rankings, a Media Award, and Awards for Sustainable Energy Concepts

Mannheim, 20.12.2019

In 2019, Caterpillar Energy Solutions successfully presented various innovations and received a number of awards. The outstanding results are clearly evident from the many projects rolled out and the awards received in recognition of the company's trend-setting development and implementation of sustainable energy concepts as well as its designation as top employer and top traditional company.

"FOCUS-MONEY" Ranking: Caterpillar Energy Solutions Labeled One of Germany's "Top Traditional Companies"

Mannheim, 18.12.2019

"FOCUS-MONEY" ranking: This year, too, Caterpillar Energy Solution made it onto the list of Germany's top traditional companies in the engineering industry. The ranking considered companies founded more than 100 years ago.

Caterpillar Energy Solutions Designated One of Baden-Württemberg's Best Employers

Mannheim, 10.12.2019

Caterpillar Energy Solutions is one of Germany's best employers in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg. This is the result of a recent survey conducted by the "Die WELT" newspaper, which awarded the Mannheim-based company the label "high employer image".

Change in the Management of Caterpillar Energy Solutions as of October 1, 2019

Mannheim, 01.10.2019

As of October 1, 2019, Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH, headquartered in Mannheim, Germany, will be headed by Uwe Sternstein, Johan Masse, and Peter Körner. The company represents the MWM and Cat brands. The new management team comprises three experienced managers with long-standing expertise in our business segment.

Gas and Cogeneration: Making a Key Contribution to Climate Protection and Security of Supply

Mannheim, 21.08.2019

Cogeneration is set to play a key role in climate protection and security of supply. Especially CHP plants with flexible operation will make a sustainable, efficient contribution to the security of supply by compensating the fluctuating feed-in of renewable energies.

Support for the Region: Caterpillar Energy Solutions Sponsors SRH Rhine-Neckar Twilight Marathon

Mannheim, 25.06.2019

At this year's SRH Rhine-Neckar Twilight Marathon, Caterpillar Energy Solutions supported the approximately 10,000 runners as one of the main sponsors. Apart from this mass sports event, Caterpillar is involved in various other projects for the region.

20th WorldMediaFestival: Caterpillar Energy Solutions Receives intermedia-globe Silver Award 2019

Mannheim, 16.05.2019

At the WorldMediaFestival, Caterpillar Energy Solutions again received the intermedia-globe Silver award, this time for its product video about the newly developed MWM TCG 3020 gas engine. Especially the sophisticated 3D animations and the soundtrack, which was composed especially for the video, earned the praise of the international expert jury.

17th Annual Cogeneration Conference, Dresden: Caterpillar to Present Innovations in the Field of "Cogeneration as Key Technology"

Mannheim, 26.04.2019

On May 7 and 8, the 17th Annual Cogeneration Conference will be held at the Congress Center in Dresden, Germany. This year's conference will focus on cogeneration technologies, topical legal issues, and political aspects of the energy reform.

Natural Gas CHP Plants as Trend-Setting Energy Concepts for Energy-Intensive Medium-Sized Enterprises

Mannheim, 26.03.2019

The Coal Commission regards CHP plants as an efficient, secure alternative to conventional power plants. Especially due to the high utilization degrees of up to 90 percent and the substantial reduction of carbon emissions, cogeneration is also financially attractive for medium-sized energy suppliers.

Conference at Xchange Center in Vigo Provides Insight on Gas Engine Component Replacement Program

Mannheim, 01.03.2019

In the fall of 2018, Caterpillar Energy Solutions held two conferences for Cat dealers and MWM distributors at the Xchange Center in Vigo, Spain. The conferences, which attracted a lot of visitors, showcased the project portfolio as well as the contacts and work methods of the Xchange Center of Caterpillar Energy Solutions. The positive feedback received from the conference participants showed what a great success the events were.

FOCUS Ranking Study: Caterpillar Energy Solutions a "Top Traditional Company" in the Engineering Category

Mannheim, 06.02.2019

In the FOCUS MONEY study of Germany's best traditional companies from 93 industries, Caterpillar Energy Solutions was chosen as one of the top traditional companies in the engineering category.

Caterpillar Energy Solutions Donates €10,000 to Pediatric Oncology Unit of University Medical Center Mannheim (UMM)

Mannheim, 22.01.2019

In late December, Peter Körner, Managing Director of Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH (CES), and the communication managers Aljoscha Kertesz and Frank Fuhrmann handed over a check worth €10,000 to Prof. Dr. Horst Schroten.

Caterpillar Energy Solutions 2018: A Year Marked by Research Campaigns, Awards, and Innovations

Mannheim, 20.12.2018

Caterpillar Energy Solutions reviews its developments, innovations, and awards of 2018 and takes a look at future trends and developments in the field of digitally controlled energy supply.

New EEG Surcharge Regime for CHP Self-Suppliers in Force

Mannheim, 14.11.2018

Henceforth, most operators of CHP self-supplier plants from 1 to 10 MW of electrical energy that went live between August 2014 and December 2017 will have to pay a higher EEG surcharge under a transitional regime.

Caterpillar presents new Cat CG132B series generator sets at Water Environment Federation’s Technical Conference in New Orleans

Mannheim, 30.10.2018

At the Water Environment Federation's Technical Conference (WEFTEC), held in New Orleans, Louisiana September 30 - October 4, Caterpillar presented its Cat CG132B series.

Research Campaign "reFuels" Reinvents Fuels

Mannheim, 11.10.2018

In collaboration with KIT Karlsruhe, Caterpillar Energy Solutions researches the use of climate-friendly biofuel alternatives for combustion engines.

Caterpillar Energy Solutions Trains Junior Staff: Apply Now for an Apprenticeship in 2019

Mannheim, 15.08.2018

Young people are invited to apply for technical and administrative apprenticeships with Caterpillar Energy Solutions, the market leader in the field of highly-efficient and ecologically progressive energy solutions.

Dr. Fernando Cantú, Marketing and Digital Manager of Caterpillar Energy Solutions, Elected to VDMA Power Systems Board

Mannheim, 30.07.2018

Fernando Cantú was elected as a member of the new Board. The Marketing and Digital Manager of Caterpillar Energy Solutions will serve on the Board for a total of four years.

Romanian Caterpillar Energy Solutions Dealer Builds Unusual Distributed Energy Solution: Power and Heat from Oil Field Gases

Mannheim, 25.06.2018

Early last year, Romanian Caterpillar Energy Solutions dealer Eneria Romania received an order to establish an unusual CHP plant for distributed energy generation.

19th WorldMediaFestival honored Caterpillar Energy Solutions with Intermedia-Globe Silver Award 2018

Mannheim, 23.05.2018

Another product film from Caterpillar Energy Solutions has qualified for a renowned international media award. The WorldMediaFestival honored the product film entitled "TCG 3016. Efficiency Goes Digital" with the intermedia-globe silver award 2018.

EU Resolution on 35 Percent Energy Efficiency by 2030 Makes Distributed Energy Generation with CHP Plants a Key Element of the Energy Reform

Mannheim, 18.04.2018

The European Parliament has adopted ambitious energy efficiency targets and has realized that highly efficient cogeneration with combined heat and power (CHP) plants can help achieve these targets.

Collective Agreement of IG Metall and Südwestmetall: Caterpillar Energy Solutions Reacts Optimistically to This "Milestone on the Road to a Modern Labor World"

Mannheim, 13.03.2018

The harshest labor dispute in the metal industry in a long time has been settled with a collective agreement between IG Metall and Südwestmetall. The result: more flexible working hours and higher wages for the employees of Baden-Württemberg's metal indus

New Cat CG132B Gas Engine and Digital Power Plant Control TPEM: Perfect Combination for Maximum Efficiency in Distributed Energy Generation

Mannheim, 14.02.2018

In combination with the fully digitized power plant control TPEM (Total Plant & Energy Management), the new Cat CG132B gas engine series from Mannheim delivers a new level of efficiency and service-friendliness of CHP plants in the age of Industry 4.0.

Caterpillar Energy Solutions Donates €10,000 to Pediatric Oncology Unit of University Medical Center Mannheim

Mannheim, 29.01.2018

With its highly efficient, eco-friendly solutions for distributed energy generation, Caterpillar Energy Solutions contributes to climate protection around the globe. At its Mannheim site, the company has also been active socially for many years.

The Caterpillar Energy Solutions Year of 2017: Awards, Innovation, and New Opportunities for Sustainable Energy Generation

Mannheim, 20.12.2017

Is it true that you can't move ahead if you look back? Caterpillar Energy Solutions shows why an annual review pays. The achievements of 2017—awards, innovation, and developments in the field of distributed energy supply—form a sound foundation for a great start into the next year.

Industry 4.0 Readiness through Digital Plant Control Boosts Efficiency and Security of Gas-Powered Cogeneration Power Plants

Mannheim, 29.11.2017

Within the framework of the fourth industrial revolution, industry and trade are currently making enormous progress with respect to efficiency, profitability, and reliability: The comprehensive digitization of the production chain enables people, machines, systems, and products to communicate and cooperate with each other more effectively than ever.

Reduced Use of Primary Energy and Reduced Carbon Emissions through Gas-Fired CHP Plants

Mannheim, 05.10.2017

The main advantages of heat and power cogeneration in a natural gas-fired CHP plant compared to their separate generation include the much better utilization of primary energy and the lower carbon emissions.

Apprentices of Caterpillar Energy Solutions in Action as Energy Scouts: Energy Efficiency in the Own Company Is a Matter of Course

Mannheim, 27.06.2017

Together with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Rhine-Neckar (IHK Rhein-Neckar), Caterpillar deployed its apprentices on a quest for discovery of energy saving potential in the own company in the context of an environmental protection initiative.

Orlando's Entertainment Industry Supplies Food Waste for Sustainable Energy Cycle

Mannheim, 06.06.2017

Every second, about 10 kg of food waste are dumped at landfills in central Florida. Thanks to a unique cooperation between Caterpillar and several local partners, this waste no longer remains unused.

Caterpillar Energy Solutions Wins Excellence Award for Sustainable Energy Management System

Mannheim, 08.05.2017

Once a year, Caterpillar honors excellent achievements in its own ranks with the prestigious Caterpillar Excellence Awards. This year, Caterpillar Energy solutions received the first prize in the "Process Sustainability" category.

Distributed Energy Generation in Ywama Cogeneration Power Plant Continues to Attract Public Interest

Mannheim, 25.04.2017

Meanwhile, the number of Facebook fans who follow the "Myanmar Power Tour" channel has reached 1,000, furnishing evidence of the ongoing interest shown in the operation of the Ywama CHP plant in Myanmar.

Cat CHP Plant in UM UCMC Hospital Wins ENERGY STAR Award 2016 for Carbon Savings

Mannheim, 10.04.2017

By installing a highly energy-efficient CHP plant, the University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Medical Center (UM UCMC) in Maryland, USA, has significantly reduced its carbon footprint and qualified for the ENERGY STAR award 2016.

Caterpillar Energy Solutions on Shortlist for Chairman's Sustainability Award

Mannheim, 02.03.2017

A sustainability energy management system from Mannheim has been nominated for the prestigious "Chairman’s Sustainability Award".

Caterpillar Energy Solutions and KIT have opened a gas engine test lab

Mannheim, 01.02.2017

Caterpillar Energy Solutions and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology research cogeneration technologies in new gas engine test lab. The jointly operated cogeneration plant will serve as a research platform by means of which the two partners will intensify their cooperation.

Peter Körner Appointed District Chairman of Südwestmetall Rhine-Neckar

Mannheim, 16.01.2017

At a member's meeting in Mannheim last Monday, Peter Körner, one of the two Managing Directors of Caterpillar Energy Solutions, was elected as the new district chairman of the employer association Südwestmetall.

Caterpillar Energy Solutions Donates €10,000 to Pediatric Oncology Unit of Mannheim Univ. Hospital

Mannheim, 05.01.2017

For many years, Caterpillar Energy Solutions has supported the Pediatric Oncology unit of the Mannheim University Hospital (UMM). In mid-December, Peter Körner, Dr. Fernando Cantú, and Frank Fuhrmann handed over a check worth €10,000 to Prof. Dr. Schroten, Medical Director of the Pediatric Clinic, and Dr. Dürken, Leading Physician of the Pediatric Clinic of the UMM, on behalf of the company.

Energy as Secure as Fort Knox

Mannheim, 20.12.2016

By installing a total of 16 power gensets, Caterpillar has made a significant contribution to the energy security in the U.S. bullion repository in Fort Know.

Caterpillar Energy Solutions Hands Over Cogeneration Power Plant to Cement Industry in Saudi Arabia

Mannheim, 28.11.2016

The turnkey cogeneration power plant at the Tabuk Cement Company represents the first installation of medium-speed engines by Caterpillar Energy Solutions in Saudi Arabia.

Caterpillar Inc. Donates Cat 3500 Power Genset for Reliable Power Supply of Hospital in Haiti

Mannheim, 28.10.2016

"The Gift of Power": With a unique Cat 3500 project on Haiti in collaboration with the St. Luke's Foundation, Caterpillar Inc. demonstrates the significance of reliable energy supply to the development of society, especially women.

Ontario Achieves Energy Saving Goals with Caterpillar CAT G3516 Gas Engines

Mannheim, 28.09.2016

By installing a cogeneration power plant for Canada Malting, Caterpillar Energy Solutions delivers added value for the facility's operations and for the entire surrounding region.

First Anniversary of the Facebook and Google+ Channels for Mexico

Mannheim, 01.09.2016

Via social media, Caterpillar provides information on energy efficiency and distributed energy supply with cogeneration plants in Mexico.

Energy Summit on Draft for "EEG 2.0" Seeks Compromise

Mannheim, 01.08.2016

After 16 years, the German Renewable Energies Act (EEG) is to be reformed by the end of 2016 in order to significantly expand the share of renewable energies in Germany's power generation.

Seven Modern Cat CG260-16 Gas Gensets Produce Green Energy from Landfill Gas

Mannheim, 27.06.2016

The first landfill gas-operated plant for renewable energies produces energy for about 26,000 households, institutions, and enterprises from methane gas from the Bowerman landfill in Irvine, Orange County, California.

Film Project "Cat Power Plant: Myanmar" by Caterpillar Energy Solutions Receives Silver Award

Mannheim, 12.05.2016

Film Project " Plant: Myanmar" by Caterpillar Energy Solutions Receives Intermedia Globe Silver Award

Caterpillar Energy Solutions, Mannheim: Training and Degree Opportunities for Talented Young People

Mannheim, 18.04.2016

Caterpillar's application-oriented training in mechatronics, industrial mechanics, or business administration as well as the integrated program for a Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Engineering, or Bachelor of Arts degree open the door to various career

Caterpillar Energy Solutions Boosts French Greenhouse Vegetable Cultivation with Cat Gas Engine

Mannheim, 18.03.2016

The French Caterpillar Energy Solutions partner and dealer Eneria has installed a Cat CG260-16 genset for a greenhouse company.

CEO Willy Schumacher to Retire

Mannheim, 02.03.2016

Having worked for Caterpillar for 27 years, Willy Schumacher, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH in Mannheim, Germany, is now set to retire. His successor is Dan Sundell, who has been with Caterpillar since 1988.

Caterpillar Energy Solutions Supports Mannheim Film Project

Mannheim, 03.02.2016

On January 17, 2016, a very special film premiered at the Cineplex theater in Mannheim. In "My Father, His Father, and I" by Jan Schmitt, both the city of Mannheim and Caterpillar Energy Solutions play a key role.

Caterpillar Energy Solutions: CHP Targets Not Feasible under Current Market Conditions

Mannheim, 12.1.2016

The amendment to the German Combined Heat and Power Act (KWKG) aims at expanding the CHP generation to 25 percent of the regulatable net power generation.

Caterpillar Energy Solutions Brand MWM Relaunches Russian Website

Mannheim, 16.12.2015

The new Russian website of the MWM brand comes with a smart and functional design, comprehensive content, and a high level of user-friendliness.

Caterpillar Gas Engines: Decentralized Power Generation for BMW South Africa

Mannheim, December 08, 2015

Caterpillar Energy Solutions sets a mark of sustainability with four Cat gas engines of the type CG170-12 400 V in collaboration with the owner Bio2Watt, the South African Cat dealer Barloworld and BMW South Africa.

Powering the future with modern and powerful gas engines

Mannheim, 21.09.2015

The German Machinery and Plant Manufacturing Association (VDMA) – Engines and Systems publishes findings of the Future Drives working group under the title "With internal combustion engines into the future".

Myanmar movie from Caterpillar Energy Solutions now on Cat’s YouTube channel

Mannheim, 15.07.2015

Film project “Power Tour Myanmar” about the installation of a gas fired Cat power plant in Yangon, Myanmar, is complete and the video is now online.

Caterpillar Energy Solutions Wins World Media Festival Award

Mannheim, 12.05.2015

World Media Festival recognizes Caterpillar Energy Solutions with the Intermedia-Globe Award's gold medal for its Modular Power Plant product video.

Daniel Caspary, Member of the European Parliament, visits Caterpillar Energy Solutions

Mannheim, 27.April 2015

MEP Daniel Caspary, a member of the Christian-Democratic European People's Party, visited the Mannheim plant of Caterpillar Energy Solutions today.

Distributed Power Supply – No Energy Turnaround Without Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

Hanover/Mannheim, April 22, 2015

German Machinery and Plant Manufacturing Association (VDMA): Continued support for combined heat and power in industry. Equipment suppliers at the HANNOVER INDUSTRIAL FAIR against a "watered-down" goal for CHP expansion.

Caterpillar Energy Solutions receives the silver FOX AWARD for the employee newsletter, "power news"

Mannheim, 05.03.2015

For the second time in a row, "power news" from Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH was able to win over the top-flight jury of the FOX AWARDS. After the honors award in the previous year, the Mannheim employee newsletter garnered the silver award in 2014.

Launch of the Caterpillar Energy Solutions Website

Mannheim, 09.02.2015

All information on the Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH and the Cat and MWM brands available via the new website.

Film Crew Reports About Ywama Power Plant on the "Power Tour Myanmar"

Mannheim, 22.01.2015

The documentary project about the 52 megawatt (MW) power plant in Yangon has started.

Caterpillar Energy Wins Marketing Prize for the Market Launch of its Modular Power Plant

Mannheim, 13.11.2014

CES stands out with its "Lego modular approach to power plants."

Cogeneration deserves greater attention

Mannheim, 11.08.2014

Energy turnaround with decentralized, combined generation of electricity.

Caterpillar is founding member of EUGINE

Mannheim, 04.06.2014

The European association is the new mouthpiece to represent the interests of the engine power plant industry.

Name change: MWM GmbH to become Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH

Mannheim, 08.10.2013

The name change on November 1st solely affects the legal entity, the established MWM brand is being continued.

Caterpillar Completes Acquisition of MWM

Peoria, Illinois, USA, 01.11.2011

Caterpillar Inc. today announced it has finalized the purchase of MWM Holding GmbH from 3i.

October 19th, the European Commission has approved the sale of MWM from 3i to Caterpillar

Mannheim, 19.10.2011

MWM welcomes this approval, as its integration into the Caterpillar family is a very positive step for the company’s future development, its employees, clients, distributors and business partners.

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