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20th WorldMediaFestival: Caterpillar Energy Solutions Receives intermedia-globe Silver Award 2019

Mannheim, May 16, 2019

At the WorldMediaFestival in Hamburg, Germany, on May 15, the MWM product video about the newly developed TCG 3020 gas engine received the Intermedia-Globe Silver Award. The WorldMediaFestival is an international competition for communication media and is considered one of the industry's most prominent events. Every year, the renowned media festival honors outstanding production from the fields of corporate film, TV, web, and print productions.

WorldMediaFestival 2019

Left: Frank Fuhrmann (second from the right, Manager PR & Online Marketing at Caterpillar Energy Solutions) and Marcus Seip (first from the left, Director of the Motionplan event and film agency); Center: Intermedia-Globe Silver Award 2019; Right: Frank Fuhrmann and Marcus Seip at the award ceremony

MWM Product Video Impresses Expert Jury with Sophisticated 3D Animation and Captivating Soundtrack

The jury, which consisted of experienced experts from the fields of communication, film production, and other subject areas, especially praised the technically sophisticated, very modern, and digitally tinged 3D animations of the product film. Marcus Seip, Director of the production company Motionplan, expresses his pleasure that "Caterpillar Energy Solutions decided in favor of [Motionplan's] approach of presenting the components and the genset in the form of holographic renderings instead of using photorealistic models."

Intermedia-Globe Silver Award 2019

About the WorldMediaFestival Award

The WorldMediaFestival—a global competition for modern media—honors and celebrates excellent solutions in corporate film, TV, web, web TV, and print productions on a truly international scale. The WorldMediaFestival stands for highest production standards in modern communication. A WorldMediaFestival award is considered one of the world's most prestigious awards in visual competition.

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