Mannheim, October 27, 2020

Caterpillar Energy Solutions is expanding its extensive information offering with another digital platform. In addition to its existing channels in social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube, the MWM product brand entered the digital world with the “MWM Energy Blog” in October. The MWM Energy Blog focuses on the market situation, services, and trends in the field of distributed energy supply. The blog zooms in on the energy reform and on the role of flexible cogeneration power plants and gas engines to achieve climate goals. Other core topics of the blog include the ongoing digitization trend as well as innovations and concepts to enable economic, eco-friendly energy production. The blog posts and the dialog in the MWM Energy Blog are presented in English and German.

MWM Energy Blog

Proactively Ensuring the Future of Energy

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A Strong Combination for the Future: Renewable Energies and Flexible, Distributed Energy Generation with Gas Engines and Cogeneration Power Plants

In view of the increase in renewable energies, the combustion engine will continue to play a decisive role in ensuring economically and ecologically efficient distributed energy production. Flexible cogeneration power plants with gas engines stabilize the power grid and ensure ongoing energy supply. With the help of this technology, any power supply fluctuation resulting from the changing availability of renewable energies can be balanced in a reliable manner. In the MWM Energy Blog, read how the potential of distributed energy generation for a successful energy reform can be tapped more fully by means of the development of innovative technologies and the increasing digitization of processes.

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