Mannheim, June 15, 2021

Caterpillar Energy Solutions features with product brand MWM’s relaunched website ( a new design that reflects the innovative drive of the MWM brand. The relaunch, which is part of the digital communications strategy, visually highlights the MWM brand as a strong, competent partner in the field of distributed energy generation with highly efficient gas engines.

Visual Focus on MWM Gas Engines and Application Scenarios

The technical and visual revision of the website has resulted in an even clearer focus on MWM gas engines, products, and services. Target group-specific services and direct contacts deliver added value and give customers, journalists, and applicants a glance into the corporate environment and MWM brand world. The texts make use of a new sans-serif font to improve the legibility on digital devices. Apart from the conspicuous blue color of the MWM brand, the color green, which is also present in the brand logo and at MWM stands for environmental awareness and sustainable energy generation, has been integrated more prominently in the website’s corporate design and is used as an accent color. “The benefits of the relaunched MWM website include flexible scalability, faster loading of webpages, and an even more systematic provision of information by way of smart links”, explains Frank Fuhrmann, Manager PR & Online Marketing, Caterpillar Energy Solutions.

New MWM Website Design
Caterpillar Energy Solution’s product brand MWM relaunched website features a new design and provides faster and more systematic access to information about application scenarios and MWM gas engines.

The newly designed website focuses on MWM gas engines and cogeneration power plants, gas applications, and services. Thanks to the improved placement, it has become easier to find new products. The visually highlighted banners that take visitors to the the sales contact form streamline the processing of service requests. The “References” category, which MWM customers and partners are keenly interested in, has been upgraded with a smart filter search function. Thus, the application scenarios of MWM gas engines and cogeneration power plants can easily be filtered for relevant criteria such as the gas type, engine series, application, and output range.

With its MWM brand, Caterpillar Energy Solutions looks back on a history of 150 years. Around the globe, MWM is one of the leading and most renowned brands in the field of gas engines and gas generator sets. With its website relaunch, Caterpillar Energy Solution’s product brand MWM extends its innovative drive and pioneer spirit to its digital communication, positioning itself as a strong, reliable partner for energy-related subjects on the Internet.

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