Frequently asked questions about the seminar

Who is eligible for operator training courses?
Operators and customers have the opportunity to gain theoretical and practical knowledge to safely operate the various models of gas gensets.

What are the defining features of the modular operator concept?
The training content is organized in modules and tailored to the operators’ prior knowledge and level of experience. There is an appropriate training program for each level of expertise.

Which topics are covered in the “Product-Based Engine Technology OL (Operator Level)” training?
In the course, instructors primarily teach basic knowledge of engine technology and students learn how to properly operate the system. The training also covers the necessary skills for independently performing simple maintenance procedures.

What does “training on all plant systems” mean?
The training opportunities for general, cross-system and product related systems engineering are geared towards participants who are seeking to learn how to safely handle independent system diagnostics and troubleshooting.

What prior knowledge is required for participants in the certified operator seminars?
No special knowledge is required for participation in the training seminar. However, the participants should be working in a technical profession and already have comprehensive technical knowledge of our products.

What learning and working materials will be provided?
For the duration of the training seminar, not only relevant documentation but also the required special tools and measuring devices are provided by the Training Center.

Is a laptop required for the seminars?
It is necessary to bring along a laptop.

Who are some of the typical participants in the seminars?
The participants are preferably operators who will be responsible for the operation and basic maintenance procedures of our gensets. They will also be trained in how to detect and remedy minor malfunctions.

Is the training hands-on?
Qualified and competent trainers instruct the participants in small groups. The training courses are geared to the individual needs and requirements of the customers. The state-of-the-art and well equipped training facilities enable hands-on, straightforward training.

Are training seminars also offered on site at the customer’s plant?
Caterpillar Energy Solutions also offers engine and electrotechnical training seminars on site at the customer’s plant.

When do the courses begin?
Each day, the courses begin in the morning at 8:15 AM and run until approx. 3:30 PM in the afternoon.
The specific times will be sent to each participant in advance via e-mail with the booking confirmation and may deviate from the above times.

Are meals provided during the seminar?
The seminar fee includes coffee, tea and refreshments as well as lunch in our company restaurant.

How can I sign up for a seminar?
Registrations are made exclusively via email to

How do I find out about the dates of the seminars?
Please inquire with us regarding the desired courses. We will be happy to provide you with an individual offer including dates.

What is the cost of the seminars?
Please refer to the price list in the Seminar Program for current seminar fees.

What do the seminar fees include?
The seminar fees include coffee, tea, refreshments, lunch in the company restaurant and the provision of seminar materials as well as a work coat.

Who makes the hotel reservation?
The booking is made by the participants themselves. We would be happy to provide a list of partner hotels on request.

Which hotels offer special conditions to Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH?
We will be happy to provide a list of partner hotels on request.

How do I get to the Training Center?
The arrival is individual, you can use these directions.

Are parking spaces available?
There are a limited number of parking spaces available directly at the Learning Center.

What do I need to bring with me?
Safety shoes as well as a laptop are required for participation in the seminars for product-related engine technology.