Mannheim, 24.03.2021

This year, the Caterpillar Energy Solutions product brand MWM celebrates its 150th anniversary. In view of the importance of this occasion, a special signet and key visual have been designed for the anniversary year 2021. The MWM anniversary signet and the key visual will accompany the campaigns and surprises MWM has planned for its anniversary in order to draw attention to the company’s milestones.

Where Tradition and Innovation Converge

MWM Geburtstags-SignetThe MWM brand combines tradition, innovation, and a quest for constant development. This is also reflected in the anniversary signet designed by “TMC The Marketing Company” from Frankfurt, Germany, which consists of the anniversary number in traditional MWM brand blue and the anniversary claim. To underline and highlight the company’s modern, future-oriented focus, historical design elements and typography were deliberately avoided. The last digit of the signet tapers off in concentric waves which represent the basis and foundation of MWM 150 years ago as well as the brand’s ongoing development.

Innovation und Strahlkraft: Die Caterpillar Energy Solutions Produktmarke MWM feiert 150-jähriges Bestehen
MWM key visual “150 years of continuous innovation”

The anniversary key visual designed by TMC shows the MWM founder Carl Benz against a MWM-blue backdrop. The depicted historical engine drawing visualizes the constant technical progress of the MWM gas engines and products. In the anniversary year, both the signet and the key visual will be used in numerous variations in on- and offline media to celebrate the anniversary.

MWM: Distributed Energy Generation Pioneer

Over the past 150 years, the combination of tradition, innovation, and quest for continuous development has turned MWM into one of the world’s leading and most respected brands in the field of gas engines and power gensets. In this year of 2021, MWM is proud of its 150 years of innovation, development, and progress, which have yielded powerful and reliable gas engines and CHP plants that continue to be marketed from Mannheim into the entire world.

In a survey conducted by “FOCUS-MONEY” in 2020, Caterpillar Energy Solutions was again designated as one of the top traditional companies and ranked 15th in the mechanical engineer category. The survey focused on companies founded more than 100 years ago, which have best adapted to the changed market, social, and environmental conditions and have achieved distinction in the market. The survey result shows that the Mannheim-based traditional company Caterpillar Energy Solutions and its MWM brand have successfully combined tradition and innovation.
To duly celebrate the company’s milestones, this year will see various on- and offline campaigns and publications, e.g. in form of a book on the history of MWM. Further campaigns will be announced and introduced in the course of the anniversary year.

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