Mannheim, April 22, 2021

The ImageBarometer of the German Agricultural Society (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft – DLG) evaluates the factors of awareness, benefits, preference, and image of agriculture-related companies throughout Germany. In last year’s results, which included the Caterpillar Energy Solutions product brand MWM for the first time, the brand landed on the ninth place in the “Renewable Energies” category, with a brand index of 25.69.

In November and December, the Kleffmann Group called 217 farmers from the DLG panel from the fields of crop farming, dairy farming, and pig breeding in order to calculate the brand index for the DLG ImageBarometer 2020. Depending on the operational focus, the people interviewed by phone were allocated to different areas. The categories included agricultural technology, animal husbandry technology, feed, agricultural chemicals, plant protection and seeds, banks and insurances, trade and service providers, organizations/associations/institutions, and renewable energies.

MWM Brand Features Powerful Gas Engines for Biogas Plants

Based on the results of the DLG ImageBarometer, it can be determined how leading farmers view the brand strength of agriculture-related businesses. The brand value analysis in the DLG Image Barometer was conducted via the “brand index” calculation method. The four subindices, which combine various dimensions, are weighted equally, i.e. the maximum score of 100 is divided into subindices with a maximum achievable score of 25 each. The analysis is based on the brand knowledge, brand loyalty, brand performance, and brand image of a company.

The brand index of 25.69 shows that in terms of awareness, benefits, preference, and image, the Caterpillar Energy Solutions product brand is highly esteemed by the survey participants interviewed. As a newcomer to the ranking, MWM directly landed on the ninth place of the Top 10 companies in the “Renewable Energies” category. MWM offers biogas-optimized gas engines, complete plants, and containers for combined heat and power generation, which deliver maximum levels of efficiency in various output segments. MWM also provides the system components required for gas processing and treatment.

CHP Plant Anderlingen
The containerized MWM cogeneration power plant of the Anderlinge-Ohrel biogas plant generates some 3,200 MWh of power and 2,552 MWh of heat for the agricultural company and the district heat network. (Photograph: Thomas Henne)

Caterpillar Energy Solutions Designated as “Top Traditional Company”

The positive image that Caterpillar Energy Solutions enjoys with its product brands Cat and MWM is also clearly demonstrated in a survey conducted by “FOCUS-MONEY” in 2020. With a total score of 2.68, Caterpillar Energy Solutions reached the 15th place in the engineering category, thus qualifying as a “Top Traditional Company”. The “FOCUS-MONEY” survey examined which companies with a long-standing tradition have best adapted to the changed market, social, and environmental conditions and have achieved distinction in the market. According to the survey, innovative drive in particular is a key success factor for traditional companies.

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