Mannheim, December 22, 2022

In the financial year 2022, Caterpillar Energy Solutions continued to deliver a fine business performance.

Happy New Year 2023

Caterpillar Energy Solutions Named One of “Germany’s Top Traditional Companies” in Engineering Category

In 2022, Caterpillar Energy Solutions again won an award as one of “Germany’s Top Traditional Companies”. In the FOCUS-MONEY survey 2022, Caterpillar Energy Solutions received a total score of 2.59, thus qualifying as one of the “Top Traditional Companies”.

Another award that Caterpillar received was the renowned intermedia-globe Silver award of the 23rd WorldMediaFestival. The award was bestowed in recognition of the Caterpillar Energy Solutions video production “150 Years of Continuous Innovation” for the MWM brand, a 15-minute video recounting the origins and 150-year history of MWM. The video can be watched in various languages on the YouTube channel “mwmgenset”.

Moreover, with its 150th company anniversary campaign and the film “150 Years of Continuous Innovation”, Caterpillar was one of the six finalists shortlisted for the German Award for Business Communication in the “Internal Communication” category.

Product Brand MWM Celebrates 100th Anniversary

After “150 Years of Continuous Innovation”, 2022 marked another significant anniversary celebrated by Caterpillar Energy Solutions: 100 years ago, the product brand MWM emerged from the Stationary Engine Building department sold by Benz & Cie., which continued to operate under the new name Motoren-Werke Mannheim A.-G. A dedicated website was set up on the occasion of the grand anniversary. In the coming months, a virtual timeline will draw attention to key milestones in the brand’s history and feature special moments of employees. Furthermore, interviews with brand experts, a distributor kit, and a quiz about the MWM brand have been prepared especially for the anniversary and the website. The celebration of the brand anniversary will continue in 2023.

Caterpillar Energy Solutions Presents MWM Gas Engines for Hydrogen Operation

In 2022, Caterpillar Energy Solutions launched MWM Hydrogen Power, gradually introducing generator sets capable of being fueled with natural gas with a hydrogen admixture of 25 percent for permanent operation, base load supply, and peak load operation. With its MWM brand, Caterpillar Energy Solutions also advocates the promotion and development of hydrogen-fueled engines as a member of Allianz Wasserstoffmotor e.V.

Expansion of the Training Program at Caterpillar Energy Solutions

In 2022, Caterpillar Energy Solutions again participated in numerous training and job information fairs, especially in order to inform newcomers about the career opportunities in the company. Moreover, Caterpillar Energy Solutions expanded its training program with apprenticeships in office management with a focus on HR, finance, and accounting.

Introduction of New 2-MW Variant of the MWM TCG 3020 V20 Gas Engine

In 2022, Caterpillar Energy Solutions presented a 2-MW variant of its versatile MWM TCG 3020 V20 gas engine, thereby expanding its lineup of generator sets with a unit that delivers high efficiency under maximum performance in the 2-MW segment. The modular SCR catalyst retrofit kit for MWM gas engines is a compact first-class solution introduced by Caterpillar Energy Solutions in 2022 to ensure compliance with all requirements of the 44th Federal Immission Control Ordinance (44th BImSchV), which sets stricter emission limits for existing and new plants. Moreover, the urea solution MWM Premium U32.5 can be used effectively for existing plants retrofitted with an SCR catalyst.
The review of 2022 shows that Caterpillar Energy Solutions has good reason to be proud of the projects rolled out, the products launched, and the awards won. We would like to thank our partners, customers, and employees for cooperating with us in 2022, and we wish all of them good health, a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

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