Mannheim, December 22, 2023

Caterpillar Energy Solutions looks back on the projects rolled out and events that occurred in 2023.


Caterpillar Energy Solutions among top 5 in E&M’s cogeneration power plant ranking with MWM brand

As shown in the November 2023 issue of “Energie & Management” magazine, which reported on the cogeneration power plant ranking for 2022, Caterpillar Energy Solutions boasts strong exports under its MWM brand. As in 2021, Caterpillar Energy Solutions again came second in 2022 in the ranking by electrical output, with a total of about 171 MWel .

Caterpillar Energy Solutions awarded quality seal “Germany’s best employers for employee development”

In 2023, Caterpillar Energy Solutions was again honored as one of Germany’s best employers for employee development. Caterpillar Energy Solutions excelled in the online survey conducted by “€uro” magazine and the analytics institute ServiceValue and was awarded the “High Approval” seal.

Third place in DPOK’s “Industry & Management” ranking

In 2021/22, the 150th anniversary of the company’s foundation by Carl Benz marked an important milestone in the company’s history. In recognition of the outstanding projects rolled out in connection with the anniversary, Caterpillar Energy Solutions was awarded the third place in the top 5 ranking of the “Industry & Mechanical Engineering” category of the German Online Communication Award (DPOK) 2023. From more than 500 submissions received, the five best submissions had previously been nominated for the DPOK.

Supporting young colleagues in establishing a professional network

In the context of the Young Professionals group in Mannheim, Caterpillar Energy Solutions offers local mentoring for young employees. The mentoring program is designed to assist employees in developing their leadership skills and gaining experience for their career. Moreover, guest speaker series and workgroups that focus on the development of competencies for the future are also offered.

Introduction of MWM TCG 3016 and 3020 gas engines and retrofit kits for hydrogen operation with admixture of up to 25 vol%

The MWM TCG 3016 and TCG 3020 gas engine series offered by Caterpillar Energy Solutions support operation with a hydrogen admixture of up to 25 vol% without any technical modifications. Operators of existing systems can obtain 25H2-Kits to retrofit TCG 3016 and TCG 3020 gas engines for hydrogen operation with an admixture of up to 25 vol%.

Celebration of the 100th anniversary of the MWM brand

2022 saw the kick-off of the celebration of the 100th brand anniversary, which continued with various campaigns in 2023. The landing page created especially for the anniversary presents milestones of the brand’s 100-year history as well as personal moments and anecdotes from MWM employees and others who accompanied us on our way. A special monthly anniversary quiz was prepared with exciting questions about the brand’s history. Moreover, the company set up digital archives presenting historical factory magazines and developments of the MWM brand logo through the ages.

At the turn of the year, Caterpillar Energy Solutions looks back on the projects implemented in 2023, the products successfully launched on the market, and prestigious awards received.

We would like to thank our partners, customers, and employees for the good cooperation, and we wish all of them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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